Zostera marina is a seagrass species, commonly known as eelgrass, that is found on both coasts of the United States, as well as in Europe. Unfortunately, Zostera is disappearing all over the place, including right here in New York. This could have devastating impacts on animals that rely on eelgrass as foraging grounds, or, as is the case with scallops, use it as a refuge from predation. This is its story, as seen through the eyes of an aspiring graduate student...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reading through the interwebs...

Been reading some interesting things out there on the internet.  Thought I might share a few things.

Though you had heard it all about the oil spill? On a recent blog post at Discover magazine, one scientist is attributing these fish kills to oil related effects.

Google is helping some off-shore wind energy plans get connected.

A humpback whale traveled a really, really, really, REALLY long way, probably in search of a mate.

A major anomalous warming and bleaching event in the Caribbean.

New species discovered in deep trenches.

Spiny dogfish eating stripers.

As responsible scientists, we should all go out and vote.

And finally, since we are 2 weeks away from scallop season in NY, I'll leave you with this video:

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